Scientific Program

Thursday, September 27, 2007

12.00-16.00Arrivals, registration, snacks
16.15-16.30Introduction of new HEC group
16.30-18.30Session I : Nucleic acids and their protein partners
16.30-16.50Agnieszka Kiliszek, CBB Poznan
X-ray study of RNA structure containing trinucleotide repeats of type CNG
16.50-17.10Roland Pfoh, Georg-August-Universitaet, Goettingen
Trioxacarcines and their interactions with DNA
17.10-17.30Michal Jakob, CBB Poznan
Novel DNA-binding element within the nuclear receptor DNA-binding domain
17.30-17.50Bettina Koenig, MDC Berlin-Buch
Crystal Structure of the RP4 Repressor Protein KorA Bound to its Operator DNA
17.50-18.10Madhumati Sevvana, Universitaet Erlangen
An orthogonal and not inverse mechanism is responsible for the reverse phenotype in single mutant variants of bacterial tetracycline repressor
18.10-18.30Sebastian Geibel, FU Berlin
Crystal structure of RepB': The primase of the broad host range plasmid RSF1010
18.30-19.00Coffee break
19.00-20.00HEC Lecture
Guy Dodson, University of York, UK
Crystallography, chemistry and insulin's biological processes


Friday, September 28, 2007

8.30-10.10Session II : Proteins processing nucleic acids, nucleotides...
8.30-8.50Magdalena Kaus-Drobek, IIMCB Warsaw
Crystal structures of restriction endonuclease MvaI
8.50-9.10Monika Sokolowska, IIMCB Warsaw
Asymmetric recognition of the target sequence in the BcnI-DNA crystal structure
9.10-9.30Matthias Zebisch, Universitaet Leipzig
Structure and function of ecto-nucleotide diphosphohydrolyases in purinergic signalling
9.30-9.50Denis Kudlinski, Georg-August-Universitaet, Goettingen
Structural studies on domains of the human spliceosomal DExD/H-box proteins hPRP22 and hPRP28
9.50-10.10Daniel Wohlwend, Georg-August-Universitaet, Goettingen
Structural basis for the RanGTP-independent nuclear import of spliceosomal UsnRNPs
10.10-10.30Coffee break
10.30-12.10Session III : Recognition
10.30-10.50Linda Schuldt, EMBL Hamburg
The role of unconventional hydrogen bonds in Tet Repressor structure and function
10.50-11.10Yen Ngo Thi Hai, Universitaet Greifswald
Searching for new inhibitors for Escherichia coli peptide deformylase
11.10-11.30Haydar Bulut, FU Berlin
Arabidopsis Response Regulators
11.30-11.50Robert Kolodziejczyk, CBB Poznan
Crystal structure of Juvenile Hormone Binding Protein
13:30-17:30Sightseeing visit of Kornik Castle
17.30-19.30Session IV : Methods
17.30-17.50Anja Schütz, MDC Berlin-Buch
A new protein sample production facility for structural biologists
17.50-18.10Robert Janowski, EMBL Hamburg
Reductive methylation to improve crystallization of the putative oxidoreductase Rv0765c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
18.10-18.30Xandra Kreplin, EMBL Hamburg
Protein crystallization: towards the automation of optimization experiments
18.30-18.50Jakub Barciszewski, CBB Poznan
Crystallization of myogen
18.50-19.10Johan Unge, EMBL Hamburg
Longer X-ray wavelengths and Molecular Replacement
19.10-19.30Maike Rochon, HZI Braunschweig
Solving the crystal structure of the Aspergillus monooxygenase SidA: A journey through a low-resolution electron-density map
19.30-21.30HEC Dinner
21.30-X Years of HEC Meetings - History, Reminiscences, Slides, Beer

Saturday, September 29, 2007

8.30-10.10Session V: Enzymes
8.30-8.50Steffen Kutter, MLU Halle
Enzymes in motion. Substrate activation of pyruvate decarboxylases
8.50-9.10Georg Zocher, BESSY Berlin
Structure of the N-oxygenase AurF from streptomyces thioluteus
9.10-9.30Jiri Brynda, IMG Prague
Protein WrbA: a link between bacterial flavodoxins and eukaryotic NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductases
9.30-9.50Cynthia Tallant, Georg-August-Universitaet, Goettingen
Structure and activity characterization of an archaeal PAPP-A-related protease
9.50-10.10Jakub Kopycki, MLU Halle
Promiscuous and specific methylation by plant O-methyltransferases
10.10-10.30Coffee break
10.30-12.10Session VI : Receptors, transport...
10.30-10.50Petr Kolenko, IMC Prague
Structure of NK cell receptors
10.50-11.10Ulrich Wiesand, HZI Braunschweig
Structure and function of type III secretion system proteins
11.10-11.30Michael Klieber, Universitaet Erlangen
Corticosteroid-binding globulin: stuctural basis for steroid transport and proteinase-triggered release
11.30-11.50Traudy Wandersleben, FU Berlin
Human ICOSReceptor and ICOSLigand
11.50-12.10Piotr Neumann, MLU Halle
Crystal structure of Borna disease virus matrix (BDV-M) protein reveals RNA binding properties
12.10-12.402 Commercial Presentations

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